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Jan 15, 2009

Next Meeting Saturday, February 7 at 5 PM

Late 15th century Vietnamese stoneware vase made in northern Vietnam. One of the most precious Southeast Asian ceramics in Freer & Sackler, it is currently on display in the Vietnamese exhibition at the Freer Galley of Art.

The next meeting of the Washington Oriental Ceramic Group will take place on Saturday, February 7 at 5 PM at the home of Hedy and David Rehfuss, 4321 Selkirk Drive, Fairfax, VA 22032. Our speaker will be Mr. N.N. Bich. His topic is “The Dating of Vietnamese Ceramics” where he will go into some of the issues relating to the dating of Vietnamese ceramics throughout the centuries. This session will be a potluck. When you RSVP -- 703 503 3195, or -- please let us know what dish or drink you will bring. Driving directions to the Rehfusses’ home are at the bottom of this announcement.

Synopsis of the 6 December session

Potter Ani Kasten spoke about her five years in Nepal when she worked in Thimi, one of the ancient pottery-making centers in Nepal, where villagers have been making low fired traditional utilitarian pottery according to caste traditions for many hundreds of years. Starting in 1982 advanced technologies like the electric wheel, oil-fired brick kilns and lead-free non-toxic glazes were adopted by the potters in an attempt to make a higher quality product in the face of imported competition – metal and plastics. Kasten was involved in a project to help revitalize the ceramic industry in Thimi by introducing updated technology and design sensibility to the artisans. Today sleek, contemporary stonewares made at Thimi are available in the USA, from a Chicago center. At her website there is a full article on the project under the chapter heading 'Thimi Project'.

Directions to 4321 Selkirk Dr, Fairfax, VA 22032 follow:

  • Take the Beltway (495), turning onto Little River Turnpike exit (Rte 236W) in the direction of Fairfax (in a westerly direction, traveling away from Washington),
  • Follow Little River Turnpike west passing through four stop lights,
  • Turn LEFT at the Guinea Road traffic light, (Guinea Road is the fifth stop light after turning onto Little River Turnpike),
  • After seven streets on your right turn RIGHT onto Argonne Street,
  • Take the next LEFT turn onto Kristin Lane,
  • Take the first RIGHT onto Selkirk Drive. 4321 Selkirk is the first house on the right painted yellow with white pillars and black window shutters.

Our home phone is 703 503 3195.

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